Flux Lithium Ion Forklift Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries by Flux Power eliminate battery changing, improves safety and lowers costs of operating your electric forklifts.

Flux Power’s advanced lithium-ion battery and energy storage uniquely combine the benefits of lithium-ion with Flux Power's patented Battery Management System (BMS). This maximizes performance and longevity to dramatically outperform and outlast traditional batteries and energy storage solutions, and at a much lower lifetime cost.

Why Lithium Battery Technology?

  • 50% More Energy Efficient

  • 40% Longer Run Times

  • 50% Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • 45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries – 75% with GSE

  • Plug and Play Technology

  • No Battery Storage Needed

  • Eliminate Dangers of Gases and Acids

  • Batteries for Nearly all Makes & Models

  • Environmentally Friendly – No Lead or Acid

  • 1st UL Listed Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Forklifts

Eliminate Watering

Simplify your operations by no longer needing to manage watering schedules for your batteries. This is not only a huge time saver, but allows operators to focus on moving product rather than maintaining battery maintenance schedules.

Longer Lasting

The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage mean forklifts run faster on each charge, without getting sluggish. The overall battery life lasts 2x than that of lead-acid alternatives, thus providing significant financial savings.

Modular Blade Design

Our Lithium battery technology is a modular system utilizing up to four blades, each blade containing 7kWh of power. Up to four blades can be installed in the battery box, making customization and maintenance easy.

Fast Charge On Demand

All you need is one battery per truck. No more battery rooms. No ventilation needed while charging. Quick opportunity charge means your crew can simply plug in the equipment during breaks, then get back to work.

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