Introducing BYD's New Electric Pallet Jack

Multiple Shifts Zero Maintenance 8 Year, 10,000 Hour Full-Replacement Battery Warranty

We are pleased to introduce BYD's new electric pallet jack, the P20JW. It is a 4,400lb capacity electric forklift that features BYD's Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries. These batteries use the same technology as their ground-breaking forklift counterparts and are fully guaranteed for replacement up to 8 years or 10,000 hours!

BYD"s Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries can be charged conveniently as needed with no cool down or "resting" period. They will not produce heat, gassing or corrosion whether being operated or while charging and this workhorse of an electric pallet jack has been designed for rugged operations with chassis built for durability and serviceability.

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