Lithium Powered Forklift Solutions

Electric forklifts are more popular than ever, and Lithium power is quickly gaining popularity as solutions expand

Electric forklifts have taken over the market with 70% of forklift sales in 2020. We've discussed the benefits of electric forklifts in previous blog posts. Eliminating emissions, lowering operating and fuel costs are just a few of the benefits. In recent years, much like most other motive products, battery technology is quickly progressing and Lithium power is poised to take the lead when it comes to powering your electric forklifts.

The drivers behind this innovation is the increase in safety, elimination of battery changes, and providing only one battery per forklift. Traditional electric forklifts would need three batteries for a multi-shift operation, one charging, one being used, and one cooling prior to use. Lithium power eliminates all of this by allowing opportunity charging and fast full charge times. All Lift is uniquely positioned in our markets as not only a provider of supplemental Lithium batteries for your current electric forklift fleet, but we are also the provider of BYD Forklifts, the only electric forklift company with a full-line of Lithium powered forklifts.

Flux Lithium Power Forklift Batteries - As the region's distributor for Flux batteries, we have a full-line of sizes to fit most manufacturer's electric forklift battery compartments. Flux offers a solution for current electric forklift users that would like to eliminate battery changing, charging stations and the dangers of handling lead acid batteries. Learn more about Flux Batteries.

BYD Electric Forklifts - BYD is the only full-line of electric forklifts right now in America built around Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology. BYD has been electrifying automobiles, buses, trucks, forklifts and all types of transportation vehicles since 1995. Their line-up includes 3-wheel model, 4-wheel models, cushion tire and electric pallet jacks. Learn more about BYD.

All Lift Service Company is your source for Lithium powered solutions for your forklift fleet. Give us a call at 440-516-7460 to discuss a strategy to ditch the changing stations, increase space and improve safety.