ePicker Access Vehicle

Replace rolling ladders, complete tasks and pick small orders more quickly and safely with the ePicker, electric access vehicle.

The ePicker JX0-118 Electric Access Vehicle is a compact and flexible solution for environments looking to replace ladders and improve productivity. The ePicker JX0-118 is ideal for any warehouse, eCommerce, retail and other industrial and commercial operations.”

Designed with operator comfort, accurate steering, employee safety and easy to learn controls, why not replace ladders in your facility with a safer more productive alternative?

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Standard Features

Drive Motor Permanent magnet DC drive motor delivers run times of up to 4 hours of continuous operation on a single charge through a ZAPI 24v infinitely variable travel controller. Travel speeds are automatically reduced when elevated or tightly turning.

Hydraulic and Pump Resevoir The hydraulic pump and reservoir are fully enclosed within the powerhead to reduce chances for leakage when used in a commercial environment and lowering valve is located on the chassis should the unit ever become stuck in the air. DC Lift Motor Lifts the operator to a maximum elevation of 118".

Elevating System I-beam mast design with dual lifting chains ensures solid stability characteristics at height.

Powered Front Load Tray Unit includes a powered front load tray with a carrying capacity of 200 lbs. The lifting cylinder used to elevate the tray is shielded with an angled cover to protect it and items on the lower load deck from damage. Front load tray dimensions 29" x 21" (Lowers 19" from maximum) Front load deck dimensions 29" x 21" (Chassis, does not elevate) The front load deck features a single piece rubber powerhead cover that may be removed with simple hand tools to access the unit's mechanical, battery and charger systems for any required maintenance.

Chassis An all steel chassis supports good stability at height while loaded, and exceptional durability to extend the equipment's service life. A forward facing blue light and rear flashing warning light are included as is an emergency power disconnect.

Operator Compartment The spacious 24" x 24" clear cabin area is fully enclosed by an automatic locking rear entry gate. Operator presence sensors include a foot switch and right hand sensor. The operator's compartment features a low 11" step height, 42" high railings, and colored side panels. The compartment floor, rear gates and mast cap are cushioned for operator comfort. Obstruction presence sensors are included below the operator's compartment on the lower chassis.

Operator Controls The right-hand operator control pod features fingertip lift/lower buttons for the operator platform, front load tray, horn, and travel. Also included is a recessed emergency power disconnect. On the left-hand control pod, the steering tiller, battery discharge indicator with hour meter and key switch are provided.

Other Standard Features • Powered front load tray • Electronic power steering • Forward facing blue light • Rear flashing warning light • Battery discharge indicator w/hour meter • Accessory bars and file pouch • Cushioned floor mat and mast cap • Integral 24v battery and 110v charger • Key switch, horn, emergency power disconnect, slope alarm, stability tabs


Capacity 200 lbs. Front load tray 250 lbs. Front load deck 300 lbs. Operator compartment

Tires/Wheels An electro-mechanical brake is located on the front drive wheel. (2) Front mounted polyurethane caster wheels are adjacent. Drive tires: 8.3" x 2.8" polyurethane Rear tires: 9.8" x 3.9" non-marking rubber

Battery and Charger (2) 12v 120AH AGM maintenance free batteries are located in the lower chassis. Integral 110 VAC smart charger @15A.

Optional Equipment

Audible back-up or travel alarm

Plexiglass insert for front load tray

Rail guidance

For more information, a demo or a quote on a new ePicker, please contact us at (440) 516-7501.