Introducing CLARK S40-S60 LPG-Diesel Forklifts

CLARK extends it's line of S-Series IC forklifts with LPG-Diesel Models to 12,000lb Capacities

CLARK has extended its line-up of S-Series internal combustion forklifts to include LPG and diesel models to 12,000lb. capacities. This builds on the now legendary SMART, STRONG, SAFE standards for which CLARK is known.


This latest product in the CLARK S-SERIES lineup includes:

  • High-resolution 5” Interactive Dash

  • Engine/Powertrain Protection

  • The CLARK Protection Plan of 2 years, 4,000 hours Carriage to Counterweight Warranty

  • On-Board Diagnostics thru Display Screen

  • Engine Performance Modes


The new S40-60 forklift builds on the CLARK “Built to Last®” commitment, with strong features including:

  • Fully Welded Heavy Gauge Frame

  • Nested I-Beam Upright

  • 6-Roller Carriage with External Side-Thrust Rollers

  • Proven Steer Axles and Cooling Systems

  • Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes


CLARK products are rooted in safety, and the latest S-SERIES continues that tradition with great safety features including:

  • Self-Activating Parking Brake

  • Advanced Ergonomics for Operator Safety and Productivity

  • Increased Operator Visibility

  • Designed with Optimal Center-of-Gravity to Enhance Truck Stability

  • Optional Speed Limit Control

Download the Announcement Including Engine Specs