Solutions for Going Electric in Your Material Handling Operation

Looking to eliminate emissions, and lower energy costs for your lift trucks? All Lift has solutions

We are in the midst of a "great migration" from internal combustion forklifts to clean, efficient electric forklifts. While it will be some time until electric forklifts can do all the jobs of their IC counterparts, there have been great advancements made in terms of capacities and the ability of lift trucks to work outdoors. In fact, one US forklift manufacturer has already produced and is operating a 90,000lb. fully electric container handler in America's ports. So, clearly the industry has received the message and has committed.

If you've considered "what if we switched from IC to electric, what options would we have?" That's were our team of professionals can assist. We have the experience, knowledge and products to help you select the right electric setup for your material handling operation. Questions we can help you answer:

  • How many electric forklifts will I need right now? You may not need to, or be able to convert all your forklifts at this moment. We can help you decide if a full fleet conversion is warranted right now.

  • What equipment do I need and where do I install it? Some electric forklifts require battery storage and charging/service areas. Other electric forklifts need only a place to charge, much like an electric car.

  • Where do I install my charging stations, storage stations and service areas? We will help you select the right area of your facility to minimize impact on your operation and maximize process efficiency.

  • Do I want Lithium powered forklifts, traditional battery forklifts, or traditional forklifts fitted with Lithium batteries? We'll show you the options and help you decide which is best for your operation.

We carry a wide variety of options and brands to help you assemble the perfect assortment of products to get the most out of your material handling operation, including:

  • Electric forklifts by CLARK and Komatsu, including outdoor durable electric forklifts with capacities to 11,000lbs.

  • BYD Lithium-Iron phosphate powered forklifts that are equipped with batteries that do not require changing and have a 10 year battery warranty.

  • Flux Lithium batteries to retro-fit traditional electric forklifts with batteries that do no require changing, cooling or storage.

Contact us at 440-516-7680 to meet with one of our sales professionals and get a quote to "go green" with electric forklifts!