Unique 4-directional hand pallet truck.

• Special 4-directional movement provides the flexbility to maneuver wide loads through standard aisles.

• The additional set of wheels allows the pallet truck to be moved sideways in addition to conventional forward and back directions.

 With all the features and qualities of our AC model hand pallet truck.

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Side Roller Pallet Truck
Item/Type    AC-TW0
Capacity Q Ibs 3300
Min. Fork Height h Inch 3.3
Max.Fork Heght h1 Inch 3.3-7-8.3
Steering Wheel Inch ?8x2
Load Roller Single Inch ?3.1x3
Load Roller Tandem Inch ?2.6x2.4
Size of Fork e*s Inch 6.3x2
Width overall Forks B Inch 21.3 27
Fork Length I Inch 43.3/45.3/48
Normal Transportation Inch 3.3-7 Inch, 5500 lbs
Transverse Transportation Inch 7-8.3 Inch, 3300 lbs