Foot pedal gives you the option of using the foot pedal to raise the forks.

 When space constraints makes it difficult to use the standard handle to raise the load.

 Foot pedal folds out of the way when not in use.
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Pallet Truck--Foot and Hand Actuated
Item/Type    DF55/FT
Capacity Ibs 5500
Fork Height Max. Inch 7 1/2
Fork Heght Min. Inch 3
Width Across Forks Inch 27
Width Between Forks Inch 14 1/2
Fork Length  Inch 48
Fork Width Inch 6 1/4
Overall Length Inch 67   
Overall Width Inch 27
Overall Height Inch 48   
Main Wheel Size Inch 7   
Wheel Material   Polyurethane
Roller Dia. Inch 2 7/8

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