With pressure relief and overload valve to prevent pump damage when loads exceeds weight limits.
Nylon steering wheel and fork rollers comes standard for damp or harsh environment applications.

 The INOX version of Scissor lift pallet trucks is designed for corrosive environments or applications with high standards of hygiene where the goods need to be handled at a convenient working height.

  Ideal transport aid for applications in damp or harsh environments such as meat or fish processing plants, dairies, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Works as a working table too.

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Stainless Scissor Lifter
Item/Type    SLP22-INOX
Capacity Q Ibs 2200
Fork Width Inch 21.3 26.8
Fork Length Inch 45.3
Min.Fork Height Inch 3.3
Max.Fork Height  Inch 31.5
Front Wheel Inch PU/Nylon 3.1x2.0
Rear Wheel Inch PU/Nylon 8.0x2.0
Net Weight Ibs 242 275

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